About Us

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client’s needs..

How we can Help

Grenapps Solutions was founded in 2007 and has become Malaysias leading digital intergrated service provider. With an array of experience helping clients from small business to large enterprise, we enable our customers to harness and take advantage of their digital work platforms.

We work closely with our customers to design and implement digital platforms tailered to there requirements, eliminating cumbersome legacy systems and streamlining process to get the best results for their companies.

Why are we different

Our goal is to provide ease of mind and unparalleled customer service while helping you implement digital change. We are there for you through every step of your journey!

We offer seamless, intergrated, user friendly IT and Technology solutions, Infrastructure, Professional Services and cutting edge custom and branded Software. Our one stop shop approach allows us share our expertise and experience while stream lining project process and implementation.