Mixed, Matched & Fused

FUSION was started as an archiving management system, backed with Open Source technologies. It was soon upgraded to handle much recent and active documents, and support almost all major media file formats. Almost as quick, workflows mechanism was introduced into the system. Our very own digital library is born, available with payment gateway feature.

FUSION may have many real-life applications when we configure it correctly. With Social Media services and web services integrations, FUSION can have a very wide source of feedbacks for your organization to understand your audiences’ opinions or reactions about your brand, product, or campaign. Information are flowing into FUSION, centralized, would then be available for you to work with analytics, data manipulations, or simply generating reports.

An integration with a library management system, perhaps add an SSO platform to it; will enable FUSION to become a digital library platform. An e-commerce module could be another great addition to it to further provide your organization to offer content subscription services, or simply an online store for your merchandizes.

To our customers FUSION was known as many names; DAM - Digital Archiving Management, CareSys, eAduan, or LSS - Library Subscription System.

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Adopting Blockchain Technology

Be assured of your documents and its sources are authentic with Blockchain!